Are you ready to unleash the power of Teams?


You are probably already using Microsoft Teams internally. You probably already have some licenses for Microsoft's Phone System just waiting to be used. Our job is to help you unleash that power and utilize the licenses you already have. It's time to connect Microsoft Teams to Cloud Voice, get rid of your legacy phone system or UCaaS solution, save some money, increase your collaboration, secure your voice conversations, and get back to growing your business.


Are you ready to make managing your voice services easier than ever?


Your users are asking "why can't I make a call from Teams to the outside world? Did you know that most companies save money by moving their voice services to Teams? Did you know that we offer a service provider that eliminates the use of PowerShell and replaces it with an easy-to-use web interface? A few minutes with us should save you time, money, make your users happier, and make your IT burdens lighter.


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Teams Cloud Voice is Easy and Reliable and leverages Microsoft's Active Directory.

Trial or Order Cloud Voice for Teams


Yes, you can still order Cloud Voice for Teams by talking to a human. For the rest of you that are anti-social (we get it), just click the button below. If you get stuck, don't worry, we are professionals. Just contact us if you need help or want to talk to a live person.


IMPORTANT: You will need to login using your Microsoft Tenant credentials.

Why are Companies Choosing Teams Cloud Voice (TCV)?


Are you someone that wants examples of financial and other benefits companies have seen that have migrated to TCV? No problem! Just click below for our simple case study showing you four examples of these benefits!


Schedule a No-Obligation, No-Cost Call with a Technology Broker


We are Technology Brokers. We work just like an insurance broker, but with technology solutions. Schedule a call with one of our Technology Brokers for a no-cost or obligation call.


Our 30-Minute Workshop

Is my Teams Environment Ready for Cloud Voice?


Where do you start with adding Cloud Voice to your Microsoft Teams? Just click the button below for a 30-minute workshop and we will work with you (at no-charge - awesome, right?)  one-on-one to determine if your system is ready to add Cloud Voice services.  There is no cost or obligation - why wait?

Start a Managed 30-day PoC

Our no-cost way to get rolling quickly


Maybe you, your boss, or your employees are asking about using Teams as a phone system replacement. Click the button to schedule a kickoff of your free 30-day Proof-of-Concept (PoC). Our team will be there with you!


Native Contact Center for Teams

The most effective way to connect Teams with Contact Center features


Cut costs, while improving your contact center experience. Why are you still paying for an overlay contact center solution that includes a duplicate phone system, costly maintenance, and more complexity than you need or want? Let us show you the next generation of contact center.

Managing Your Teams Voice Environment

And other Managed IT Solutions


Do you need a professional to help you manage your voice services in Microsoft Teams (and maybe other IT items)? Click the button below to schedule a call to discuss Cloud Voice management for Teams.

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