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Teams Cloud Voice is easy and reliable and leverages Microsoft's Active Directory.


Use our streamlined ROI tool to quickly build a solid business case for Teams Cloud Voice. With minimal inputs, generate a detailed report on cost savings, efficiency improvements, and enhanced collaboration. This helps you make informed decisions and clearly communicate value to stakeholders.


Experience the technical capabilities of Teams Cloud Voice with a no-cost Proof-of-Concept (PoC) free trial. This process allows your IT team to confidently validate the solution's performance and fit for your organization while also ensuring a seamless transition to Teams Cloud Voice.


On the day of the port, the transition will be smooth and stress-free. Inbound calling will be activated seamlessly, while users, already trained and accustomed to making outbound calls, will experience minimal business interruption

Teams Cloud Voice

Return on Investment


Finally, a tool that goes deep enough into the data and is easy enough to use. This Microsoft Tams Cloud Voice (TCV) Return on Investment (ROI) tool gives you the power to analyze your current system expenditures against the cost of moving to TCV. There is no cost or obligation to use this tool.

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Teams Cloud Voice


Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

Choose from two great options:

Start a Free Trial, Proof-of-Concept (PoC), or place an order with our Self-Service Setup, requiring a Teams Administrator. Cancel any time before signing a contract without penalty.

Alternatively, opt for our Assisted Setup to discuss your ROI, PoC timing, existing telecom contracts, and Teams Cloud Voice options, all at no cost.

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Teams Cloud Voice


Discover key resources for optimizing Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice deployment across all company sizes: The Teams Cloud Voice PoC Checklist PDF streamlines implementation with licensing, network setup, and more. The RFP Template PDF by CoreTech Brokers aids large enterprises in vendor selection. Small businesses benefit from "Teams Cloud Voice Secrets" PDF, focusing on smooth transitions and strategic insights. Additionally, access certified Teams Cloud Voice Administrators for flexible, cost-effective migration and ongoing support.

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