Why Choose Teams Cloud Voice







Are you someone that wants examples of financial and other benefits companies have seen that have migrated to TCV? No problem! Just click below for our simple case study showing you four examples of these benefits!

  1. Teams Cloud Voice: Teams Cloud Voice is PSTN connectivity to your existing Teams environment. Provided by authorized service providers, it is a powerful communication solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams. It is flexible, scalable, and easy to use.
  2. Unified Communications: Teams Cloud Voice brings together chat, meetings, file sharing, and voice calls in one platform. Companies can streamline their communication tools, leading to increased efficiency and collaboration.
  3. Anywhere, Any Device: With Teams Cloud Voice, users can make and receive voice calls from any Teams-enabled device, whether they’re working from home, on the move, or at the office. This flexibility ensures connectivity across various work scenarios.
  4. PSTN Connectivity Options: Teams Cloud Voice offers multiple PSTN connectivity options:
    • Operator Connect and Direct Routing: Companies can choose the service provider and how that service provider supports their PSTN connection.
  5. Cost Savings: Financial benefits:
    • VoIP Cost Savings: Teams Cloud Voice eliminates the need for traditional phone lines, potentially reducing costs associated with legacy systems. Handset hardware is often not needed (cost avoidance) because most users already have microphones and speakers they are using internally with Teams.
    • ROI Calculator: Did we mention our Teams Cloud Voice ROI calculator? This helps businesses quantify the financial impact of adopting this solution.

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Productivity Boost: Teams Cloud Voice improves productivity by integrating voice calls seamlessly into existing workflows. Users can switch between chat, calls, and meetings without switching apps.



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Industry-Specific Solutions: Tailor your content to different industries:

    • Healthcare: Teams Cloud Voice enhances patient communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals.
    • Education: Schools and universities can benefit from unified communication tools for remote learning and administrative tasks.
    • Finance:
      • Unified Communication: Teams Cloud Voice streamlines communication, allowing financial professionals to collaborate seamlessly.
      • High Availability: Reliable voice services ensure uninterrupted client interactions.
    • Retail:
      • Efficient Communication: Teams enables instant voice communication over the cloud, replacing walkie-talkies and reducing IT costs.
      • Global Reach: Reach customers and suppliers worldwide with business-class voice quality.
      • Operational Efficiency: Teams integrates chat, calls, and video, enhancing productivity for retail staff.
    • Manufacturing:
      • Scalability: Cloud-based Teams Voice adapts to changing manufacturing needs.
      • Collaboration: Teams fosters real-time communication among production teams, managers, and suppliers.
      • Cost-Effective: VoIP eliminates the need for on-site phone equipment, reducing maintenance costs.
    • Legal:
      • Centralized Communication: Teams serves as the central nervous system for law firms, connecting distributed teams.
      • Voice Calling: Teams offers voice and video calling, acting as a phone system with features like conferencing and call management.
      • Security and Compliance: Teams ensures data encryption and compliance with legal standards.
    • IT Companies:
      • Flexible Deployment: Cloud-based infrastructure allows quick deployment and scalability.
      • Cost Savings: VoIP solutions reduce hardware costs and offer flexible pricing models.
      • 24/7 Support: Carrier-grade technical support ensures reliable communication.


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