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Teams Cloud Voice PoC Checklist (PDF)


Our Teams Phone Checklist is a comprehensive guide designed to streamline the implementation of Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice. It covers essential steps including Microsoft licensing, phone number management, call features, network requirements, and emergency calling setup. The checklist ensures a thorough review of necessary configurations and offers guidance on integrating PSTN, setting up users, and testing call features. It also provides information on planning your production rollout, addressing current contracts, and exploring third-party solutions. Download the checklist to ensure a smooth, efficient, and successful Teams Cloud Voice deployment for your organization.




RFP Template (PDF)


(Please contact us if you would like a Microsoft Word version of this document)

The Teams RFP Template by CoreTech Brokers is designed to streamline the procurement process for Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice solutions. It offers a comprehensive guide for evaluating vendor proposals, including detailed instructions, requirements, and criteria for selection. The template ensures transparency and fairness in the selection process, covering essential aspects such as vendor qualifications, support structures, network requirements, feature requirements, pricing, and references. CoreTech Brokers facilitates the process by sourcing vendors, managing the RFP distribution, and assisting clients with evaluation and selection to ensure the best value and fit for their business needs.




Secrets of Teams Cloud Voice (PDF)


"Teams Cloud Voice Secrets for Small Business" provides a strategic guide for small business owners to successfully transition their phone systems to Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice. Key secrets include ensuring employees are familiar with Teams, choosing an authorized Teams Cloud Provider for enhanced features and support, and staying updated on licensing with the help of a provider. Comprehensive onboarding and support, self-sufficient training options, and the availability of free trials are emphasized. The guide also highlights the importance of additional solutions for non-native features, disaster recovery planning, and leveraging a technology broker for seamless implementation and ongoing support. By following these secrets, businesses can enhance user adoption, improve employee engagement, and ensure a smooth transition to Teams Cloud Voice.




Need a Certified Teams Cloud Voice Admin?


We make it easy to migrate to Teams. At your request, we will include a certified Teams Cloud Voice Administrator, for a fee, to help you manage your migration, and the Teams configuration and training.

Hands-Off Experience:

This admin takes care of managing the Teams Admin Center for voice-enabled users, allowing businesses to focus on other tasks.

Flexible and Cost-Effective:

Clients benefit from month-to-month flexibility (no long-term contract) and competitive pricing.


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